Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sweet Friends - Friendship Greetings

Dana surprised me today. She is a person who hates cooking and survives on sandwiches, burgers, or instant noodles. I cannot recall any instance when I saw her cooking a proper meal for herself. And today of all things, she called me home urgently, and surprised me with a Cherry Cheesecake that she baked all by herself. I was not only surprised, but shocked. Shocked enough to think she was playing a prank on me. She is actually plain lazy when it comes to cooking and she hates details. Perfect cooking includes details for sure. And Dana is someone who is miles awayyyyyy from all domestic activities. All these years, for the same reason, I made sure that whenever I cook a sumptuous meal, I invite her for dinner.
Dana explained that today was Cherry Cheesecake Day and she recalled how much I love cakes and desserts.( I confess that I have a sweet tooth and cant resist cakes.). Dana decided to try baking the Cherry Cheese cake only on my honor. I was honored, for sure. A girl like Dana cooking for me! I really felt so special. After the initial excitement, it was time for me to taste the cake. Truly speaking, it wasn't the best cake I ever had. It was baked a bit more than it should have been but the effort put into the baking of the cake made it the most special cake I ever tasted(if not the most yummiest cake).

Dana also sent me this beautiful greeting card which said I am sweet as a cherry. I love you Dana. Send this card to all the sweet friends who surround you and make life as sweet as a Cherry Cake. Just stay tuned for my next post.

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