Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Weekend plans at Cafe Cara

Right after office hours were over, Melanie and I rushed to Cafe Cara. She drove as usual and I enjoyed Denver from inside the car. We were the first ones to reach. Dana came in after 5 minutes. Ron was late as usual and he came in with Bryan after 15 minutes. I was a bit excited to see Ron after 4 days. I miss him, even when I don't see him for one whole day. I saw Bryan after one whole year. He looked quite different than he did last time. Bryan seemed to stare at Melanie for quite some time, when I was introducing her to him. Bryan's a computer whiz up in Illinois and he is here in Florida for 7 more days.

After the initial introductions and apologies for being late were over, we moved onto business. I said "We've gathered here today to discuss the weekend plan". Melanie and Ron burst into laughter, listening to my stereotypical official-meeting-tone of speaking. They could make out I was pretty serious about having fun this Weekend.

Ron came up with an idea of partying on Saturday and a sleep over and lunch at my place on Sunday and then hang out at Sandollar's pub to catch some good live music too. It sounded good, but I expected something different. I mean, I cannot say no to Live music (I simply adore live music bands with a can of Budweiser). This weekend I wanted something more. Melanie suggested movies for Sunday. I wasn't very happy again. I wasn't sure what exactly I wanted, but my mind somehow looked for more ideas than that. Meanwhile I noticed Bryan, behaving funny. He is someone who is friendly and talkative, but he looked rather quiet and shy today. We called it a day without actually zeroing onto a definite plan, but by Friday I'm going to come up with something like a perfect blast.

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Monday, April 28, 2008

Missing Ron This Kiss Day

Today is April 28th. Guess what? Today is Kiss Day and the bad news is that it's Monday, with all that blue reality. I'm feeling like banging my head on the desk, having to come back to the same monotonous routine again. I was thinking, while sitting at my cubicle, that it's been a long time since I had a weekend blast. Actually, I'm also missing Ron very much... maybe missing those warm and tender touches. It's Kiss Day today and we aren't meeting. Grrrrrrr. Ron is busy with Bryan, his cousin who's visiting him.

My weekends are being spent sleeping (that's a refreshing thought), watching movies at home (all alone) or simply reading books. This weekend, Ron was busy with his cousin and Dana was also busy socializing with some exchange program students from Australia. I felt that I needed a change.

With all these thoughts in my head, I had a bothered expression on my face. I wasn't aware of it until Melanie noticed me. She sits right beside my cubicle. She came up to me and I talked my heart out to her. Melanie suggested a Weekend party. She was also bored with the regular hectic schedule of life. Its been really a long time since we went out together. Tomorrow we're all meeting at the Cafe Cara after work to plan out what exactly we will be doing next weekend....Yipeeee! The very thought of us all meeting together cheered me up. And Ron is also finally coming along with Bryan. We don't mind if Bryan wants to join us. Bryan is quite a no-fuss guy and very friendly too. Stay tuned to know about our plan. I'm sure Ron is going to come up with some really interesting ideas.

Happy Kiss Day, Ron. You'd better compensate for today's absence later. And all my buddies, enjoy Kiss Day to the fullest. Send this free Kiss cards to your love interest, see them loving it.
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Friday, April 25, 2008

School Buddies - Old Memories

Since I found the "Friends" DVD set last Sunday in my old DVD treasure box, I am being haunted by school memories. While commuting every day to the office and back home, while taking breaks in between work, those memories seems to grip my mind. I go back to the days when Shirleen and me giggling at the sight of a new boy in class, and those days when we cheered Mike up while he played at the Thanksgiving Day game (he's such a football fanatic). Weekends were spent watching movies, listening to good live bands playing and then going on those looooong drives. I am so possessed by those memories. I had always been lucky in earning true friends. Friends that I have now( Ron, Dana, Melanie, Bryan) are precious and rare. They are mostly my college buddies and I know they will be there forever to hold my hand. But school friends are ones you grow up with, more like siblings. Together you go through the pangs of childhood, teenage and beyond. May be I am not in touch with them , right now. I feel, if I meet them tomorrow, out of the blue, I can start from where we parted. Six years of separation cannot ever rub off the sweet memories. I don't know if they(Shirleen,Mike and Sean) would have the same feeling, if they meet me. Right now we only mail each other once a month or in two. Jonathan and me are well in touch. We meet every four months. Either he comes down to meet me, or I go.
Send this friendship card to your friends and tell them to be there forever and dare not forget old buddies.

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Long Lost School Friends – Friendship Greetings

Last weekend, I spend my time on my couch watching movies that are my old favorites- mostly romantic and funny ones. I wasn't in the mood for anything serious. My mind had worked enough throughout the week writing articles and i wanted to watch something relaxing. So I selected "Notting Hill", "Pretty Woman", and "Shall We Dance?". After these movies were over, I hunted for more. And out of my DVD treasure box came out a boxed set of "Friends" given to me by Jonathan. In fact, he knew that I loved to watch "Friends" so he gave it to me on my 17th birthday. That was almost 6 years back. We were still in school and our group at school included Jonathan, me, Shirleen, Sean and Mike. On the last Friendship Day before graduation (most of us were going to be moving away to college after school), we made a promise which we haven't kept so far. It was to live together sometime, just as it was in "Friends", just like Joey, Ross, Rachael, Phoebe, Monica, and Chandler. The idea was to live the life of Friendship and laugh everyday. Suddenly, I got so nostalgic, holding the "Friends" DVD in my hand. I could see myself with my school buddies all over again.
Today I do have cherished friends in my life, in my city and in the whole wide world, all dispersed. But no one, right now, to watch "Friends" with me, on my couch. I am really missing those days in school, when we had sleepovers most weekends. Sometimes partying, sometimes chatting till the wee hours of the night, and sometimes playing pranks on each other. I am presently, only in touch with Jonathan among my school buddies. But I hope they get reminded of those days as I do, and they do miss those days as badly as me.
If any of my school friends (Jonathan, Shirleen, Mike and Sean) are reading this, let me tell ya, I miss you so badly. Once a friend, always a friend. This friendship card is for all my school buddies whom I miss. Send this card to your friend whom you miss really bad. Tell them you love them. Perhaps they'll send you one back...

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sweet Friends - Friendship Greetings

Dana surprised me today. She is a person who hates cooking and survives on sandwiches, burgers, or instant noodles. I cannot recall any instance when I saw her cooking a proper meal for herself. And today of all things, she called me home urgently, and surprised me with a Cherry Cheesecake that she baked all by herself. I was not only surprised, but shocked. Shocked enough to think she was playing a prank on me. She is actually plain lazy when it comes to cooking and she hates details. Perfect cooking includes details for sure. And Dana is someone who is miles awayyyyyy from all domestic activities. All these years, for the same reason, I made sure that whenever I cook a sumptuous meal, I invite her for dinner.
Dana explained that today was Cherry Cheesecake Day and she recalled how much I love cakes and desserts.( I confess that I have a sweet tooth and cant resist cakes.). Dana decided to try baking the Cherry Cheese cake only on my honor. I was honored, for sure. A girl like Dana cooking for me! I really felt so special. After the initial excitement, it was time for me to taste the cake. Truly speaking, it wasn't the best cake I ever had. It was baked a bit more than it should have been but the effort put into the baking of the cake made it the most special cake I ever tasted(if not the most yummiest cake).

Dana also sent me this beautiful greeting card which said I am sweet as a cherry. I love you Dana. Send this card to all the sweet friends who surround you and make life as sweet as a Cherry Cake. Just stay tuned for my next post.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

On an aimless Stroll with Dana- Friendship Thoughts

Last Tuesday, I met Dana after work. Whenever Dana and me are together, we end up doing something unusual, weird but loads of fun. There have been so many incidents when we had lost count of time and flowed away with the tide of the moment. She came down to my office to pick me up. I met her outside and I had a weird idea of walking all the way till we are tired. Dana, instantly asked me what to do with her car. I said, “hey off course, park it right here”.
Dana again asked,” And how long do we walk?”.
I said “till we are tired”.
Dana asked yet again” And where do we go?”
I said “wherever our eyes direct us. Dana don't talk, just walk”
She looked thoughtful for a moment, and at the next moment she had a twinkle in her eye. The twinkle implied that she has come out of the dilemma and now she knows what to do –“ just walk “.
And we started walking. As we walked, we started talking about the day, why we do things that we usually do. And how funny is life? We toil to earn money, live out of the money, and yet again we toil the next day, live out of it, and the cycle is repeated. She said that we are echoing Albert Camus, The Myth of Sisyphus
“Getting up, tram, four hours of work, meal, sleep, and Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, in the same routine “
Being a lover of Shakespeare, I reminded her another quote on life
” It is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.”

We talked about life, its funny ways, its meaninglessness, and rare times that it seems meaningful, and other related things that generally makes people uncomfortable.
I felt as if we weren't talking to each other, we just stood with our minds open to each other, with Dana peeping into my mind, and I in her. We were just reading each other. It sounds weird again.
When we realized, we have walked 5 miles already by Delaware Riverside. We looked at each other and had a hearty laugh. Both came out of the trance that we were in. Yet , another funny but deep incident happened together. Each incident like that with Dana, makes me cherish her more as a friend. She is the only one whom I can talk things like the meaninglessness of life. Others call it pessimism, Dana calls it reality like me. Dana, thank you for being there with me and being like me. Heres a lovely note of friendship through these lovely to you Dana. Send this friendship cards to your friends whom you share a lovely time with.

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Friday, April 18, 2008

Friends and Colleagues – Administrative Professionals Day Cards

I have heard people say that neighbors and colleagues are often not good friends. They may turn their backs due to professional competition or a personal rivalry. But Melanie proved this belief completely untrue. She works with me and is the friend on whom I can rely the most. I know that, no matter what, if I really need her, she will make time for me. Whenever things go wrong in the office, whenever I miss my family and whenever Ron, my boyfriend, is busy, she makes sure I have a shoulder to cry on. I can proudly proclaim that she is my colleague and my most reliable friend. “Colleagues cannot be trusted” -- is just a myth. It's sad when people get suspicious of others without giving them a chance to prove themselves. Pre-conceived ideas and prejudices are something that’s tough to get rid of, but we can at least try. Administrative Professionals Day is fast approaching, and I wish all my Administrative Professional Colleagues a very Happy Administrative Professionals Day.

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Spirit of True Friendship

People walk in and out of your life, but the ones who leave footprints behind are the ones called friends. Just yesterday, I was wondering how lucky I am to have true friends around. People may have so called ”buddies” to hang out with, but very few have the luck to earn true friends who will be there beside them as they grow old. While I write this (rather typing this post), I am reminded of Melanie. Not that other friends are not as close to me as she is, but she is the only friend I have who claims to treat friendship as her religion. I adore her for that. I haven't ever seen anyone so serious about friendship and trust me, she is a role model when it comes to friendship. With her around, no one could miss their family. Well, I believe that's how friends should be. Celebrating the spirit of true friendship, here are friendship greetings that I would like to share. Send these friendship cards to your friends, and make them feel special – because that’s what they are.

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