Thursday, May 8, 2008

Summer Fun on Sunday

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On Sunday, after a quick breakfast, we rushed down to the beach. I was impatient to be on the the private Madeira beach at the Barefoot Beach Resort. The very sight of the sand lifted my spirits. We carried along our frisbee and plenty of beverages. Walking barefoot on the sugary white sand felt so relaxing. It was a refreshing change from walking on hot Kissimee roads with our shoes on. Melanie seemed to be more comfortable in Bryan's company that morning. I saw her smiling often while talking to him. That particular smile of Melanie's is the smile that she preserves only for those close to her. I was sure, after seeing her smile, that Melanie liked Bryan.

After lunch, we planned on going on a Dolphin Cruise at 3pm. This was outside our resort, at the Pier in downtown St. Pete. After baking on the beach all morning, we quickly freshened up and headed towards the Pier. The Dolphin Cruise was 90 minutes long and took us all around Tampa Bay. I was very excited to see Dolphins after so long. We saw dolphins after only ten minutes into the ride! We were so lucky to see something like this. We saw a mother dolphin along with her cute baby dolphin. I never saw anything like that before. The mother and baby dolphin's bond was so evident from the way they swam together alongside the boat. The mother seemed to be making sure that the baby dolphin was not left behind. Dana suddenly reminded that this coming Sunday is Mothers Day. We promised to plan something when we return.

Evening plans included hanging out at the Pier again. We started for home at 8pm. The drive back home was silent. I felt so content. Dana was just plain exhausted and went to sleep. Bryan and Melanie seemed to whisper sweet nothings to each other. I was eager to know what was brewing between them. But, I'm a patient person.

Stay tuned to know more on Bryan and Melanie's story. Till then, enjoy the summer fun.

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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Saturday Blast at St.Petersburg

Last Saturday at 9AM, we left for our weekend in St. Petersburg. Ron drove his Jeep Wrangler, while I sat beside him in the front seat. The rear seat was occupied by Bryan, Melanie and Dana. After about an hour drive, Dana started singing “Sweet Home Alabama” without tune or rhythm. All of us joined her. We went on singing until we realized we were at our destination. At the entrance of the Pier, I was reminded that Ron and I were there for our first Valentine's Day. I was sure that Ron didn't remember that.

We decided to go fishing and then after lunch, we would go spend some time at the Pier and then move to Baywalk to party. While fishing, Ron and Dana managed to catch something, but I was daydreaming. Suddenly, I realized that Melanie and Bryan were nowhere to be seen. Ron asked me not to bother, as they informed Ron that they were going for a stroll along the Pier Aquarium.

After a simple lunch at Captain Al's Waterfront Bar & Grill, we moved on to Baywalk. We went to Wet Willies. They had great Margaritas. Melanie stuck to Martinis, Dana to her Mojito Mojos and Ron and Bryan drank beer. The music was good, and my feet started tapping to the rhythm.

Melanie seemed quiet but she was smiling. I guess she was enjoying Bryan's company. It was evident that Bryan was totally smitten by Melanie. They looked like the perfect couple dancing together. Tomorrow I will let you know what happened on Sunday. Till then, enjoy the good times with your friends. Send these friendship cards to all your firends that you have fun partying with.

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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Weekends Plans at St. Petersburg

Late last Friday, I finalized the weekend plans. Now, I know what kind of weekend I was actually looking for. It had to be my all time favorite formula of relaxation: sun, sea and the sand. Yes, for me, nothing is as relaxing as being on the beach and soaking up the sun (especially at this time of the year). The beach would be the ideal place to relax on Sunday, and stroll aimlessly.

Everyone was fine with the idea. It was mutually decided that we would take Ron's Jeep Wrangler and push off on Saturday morning. Saturday would be spent at Petersburg Pier and then we'll party at Baywalk. On Sunday, we'll just live on the beach. I am sure that Ron and Dana will insist on some beach volleyball or frisbee. I am the more lazy one in the group, when it comes to sports. Melanie and I quickly made an online reservation for the rooms for Saturday at Barefoot Beach Resort.

Bryan really liked the idea because up in Illinois, he cannot enjoy the ocean. And I assured him that in the evening, the beach would look
romantic enough to make Melanie's and his weekend a perfect one. I didn't dare to say that to Melanie. I still wonder what she thinks of Bryan. Stay tuned to know what happened between Melanie and Bryan at St. Petersburg.

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Monday, May 5, 2008

Love Discourse Between Friends

While Melanie drove back home with me from the cafe, I couldn't help but notice the expression on Melanie's face. The news of Bryan's interest in Melanie was still fresh in my mind and I had to catch Melanie's reaction to it. Melanie is quite an intelligent gal and Bryan's interest would not go unnoticed by her. I mean, if I could notice Bryan mesmerized by her, I am sure she too did.

I asked the question, how would she react if love knocked at her door? She answered just as I expected - if it's a person worth dating, she sure would date. But love is a far more difficult decision, as it might entangle her whole life. I replied that love is not a decision, love comes without any prior notice. One would not have the time to sit and decide his or her moves, when love comes. Melanie kept quiet. I, too kept quiet. She dropped me home. I am sure she went back home with lots of thoughts in her mind.

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Friday, May 2, 2008

Love Blooms Through Friends

Wednesday after work, there was a surprise in store for me. Ron and Bryan were there, right after we closed, without any news. Ron is not a guy to plan surprises often. But the rare times he does remember to come up with sweet surprises, I feel like a queen. Anyway, Melanie was also with me when I met them. Bryan's face brightened the moment he saw us come out of the elevator. And his eyes were glued at Melanie. Hmmmm. I thought, I could decipher the reason behind Ron's surprise visit. I sensed it was not just a surprise. I could smell something fishy.

We went to a nearby cafe to grab a bite. At the cafe, Ron and I made an excuse to go out to smoke. When we got outside, it was then that Ron confessed that Bryan was interested in Melanie. Bryan was the one who requested Ron visit our office and arrange a meeting with Melanie. It sounded so exciting. I mean, a girl like Melanie and a guy like Bryan would make a great couple. The problem was that it would take time to match them up, though. Melanie doesn't allow someone in her life that easily. Once she does include someone in her life, it's for a lifetime. When we went back to our table, Melanie and Bryan looked quite engrossed in a conversation. Melanie looked as if she really enjoyed talking to Bryan. I was full of thoughts about what both were thinking about each other. Actually, Bryan's crush on Melanie was out of the blue and quite unexpected. I am quite thrilled to see the spark of something interesting going on. Both are looking forward to the weekend plans, but that is yet to be decided. Good for Bryan. He will have more chances to spend time with Melanie.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Weekend plans at Cafe Cara

Right after office hours were over, Melanie and I rushed to Cafe Cara. She drove as usual and I enjoyed Denver from inside the car. We were the first ones to reach. Dana came in after 5 minutes. Ron was late as usual and he came in with Bryan after 15 minutes. I was a bit excited to see Ron after 4 days. I miss him, even when I don't see him for one whole day. I saw Bryan after one whole year. He looked quite different than he did last time. Bryan seemed to stare at Melanie for quite some time, when I was introducing her to him. Bryan's a computer whiz up in Illinois and he is here in Florida for 7 more days.

After the initial introductions and apologies for being late were over, we moved onto business. I said "We've gathered here today to discuss the weekend plan". Melanie and Ron burst into laughter, listening to my stereotypical official-meeting-tone of speaking. They could make out I was pretty serious about having fun this Weekend.

Ron came up with an idea of partying on Saturday and a sleep over and lunch at my place on Sunday and then hang out at Sandollar's pub to catch some good live music too. It sounded good, but I expected something different. I mean, I cannot say no to Live music (I simply adore live music bands with a can of Budweiser). This weekend I wanted something more. Melanie suggested movies for Sunday. I wasn't very happy again. I wasn't sure what exactly I wanted, but my mind somehow looked for more ideas than that. Meanwhile I noticed Bryan, behaving funny. He is someone who is friendly and talkative, but he looked rather quiet and shy today. We called it a day without actually zeroing onto a definite plan, but by Friday I'm going to come up with something like a perfect blast.

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Monday, April 28, 2008

Missing Ron This Kiss Day

Today is April 28th. Guess what? Today is Kiss Day and the bad news is that it's Monday, with all that blue reality. I'm feeling like banging my head on the desk, having to come back to the same monotonous routine again. I was thinking, while sitting at my cubicle, that it's been a long time since I had a weekend blast. Actually, I'm also missing Ron very much... maybe missing those warm and tender touches. It's Kiss Day today and we aren't meeting. Grrrrrrr. Ron is busy with Bryan, his cousin who's visiting him.

My weekends are being spent sleeping (that's a refreshing thought), watching movies at home (all alone) or simply reading books. This weekend, Ron was busy with his cousin and Dana was also busy socializing with some exchange program students from Australia. I felt that I needed a change.

With all these thoughts in my head, I had a bothered expression on my face. I wasn't aware of it until Melanie noticed me. She sits right beside my cubicle. She came up to me and I talked my heart out to her. Melanie suggested a Weekend party. She was also bored with the regular hectic schedule of life. Its been really a long time since we went out together. Tomorrow we're all meeting at the Cafe Cara after work to plan out what exactly we will be doing next weekend....Yipeeee! The very thought of us all meeting together cheered me up. And Ron is also finally coming along with Bryan. We don't mind if Bryan wants to join us. Bryan is quite a no-fuss guy and very friendly too. Stay tuned to know about our plan. I'm sure Ron is going to come up with some really interesting ideas.

Happy Kiss Day, Ron. You'd better compensate for today's absence later. And all my buddies, enjoy Kiss Day to the fullest. Send this free Kiss cards to your love interest, see them loving it.
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