Thursday, April 24, 2008

Long Lost School Friends – Friendship Greetings

Last weekend, I spend my time on my couch watching movies that are my old favorites- mostly romantic and funny ones. I wasn't in the mood for anything serious. My mind had worked enough throughout the week writing articles and i wanted to watch something relaxing. So I selected "Notting Hill", "Pretty Woman", and "Shall We Dance?". After these movies were over, I hunted for more. And out of my DVD treasure box came out a boxed set of "Friends" given to me by Jonathan. In fact, he knew that I loved to watch "Friends" so he gave it to me on my 17th birthday. That was almost 6 years back. We were still in school and our group at school included Jonathan, me, Shirleen, Sean and Mike. On the last Friendship Day before graduation (most of us were going to be moving away to college after school), we made a promise which we haven't kept so far. It was to live together sometime, just as it was in "Friends", just like Joey, Ross, Rachael, Phoebe, Monica, and Chandler. The idea was to live the life of Friendship and laugh everyday. Suddenly, I got so nostalgic, holding the "Friends" DVD in my hand. I could see myself with my school buddies all over again.
Today I do have cherished friends in my life, in my city and in the whole wide world, all dispersed. But no one, right now, to watch "Friends" with me, on my couch. I am really missing those days in school, when we had sleepovers most weekends. Sometimes partying, sometimes chatting till the wee hours of the night, and sometimes playing pranks on each other. I am presently, only in touch with Jonathan among my school buddies. But I hope they get reminded of those days as I do, and they do miss those days as badly as me.
If any of my school friends (Jonathan, Shirleen, Mike and Sean) are reading this, let me tell ya, I miss you so badly. Once a friend, always a friend. This friendship card is for all my school buddies whom I miss. Send this card to your friend whom you miss really bad. Tell them you love them. Perhaps they'll send you one back...

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