Monday, April 28, 2008

Missing Ron This Kiss Day

Today is April 28th. Guess what? Today is Kiss Day and the bad news is that it's Monday, with all that blue reality. I'm feeling like banging my head on the desk, having to come back to the same monotonous routine again. I was thinking, while sitting at my cubicle, that it's been a long time since I had a weekend blast. Actually, I'm also missing Ron very much... maybe missing those warm and tender touches. It's Kiss Day today and we aren't meeting. Grrrrrrr. Ron is busy with Bryan, his cousin who's visiting him.

My weekends are being spent sleeping (that's a refreshing thought), watching movies at home (all alone) or simply reading books. This weekend, Ron was busy with his cousin and Dana was also busy socializing with some exchange program students from Australia. I felt that I needed a change.

With all these thoughts in my head, I had a bothered expression on my face. I wasn't aware of it until Melanie noticed me. She sits right beside my cubicle. She came up to me and I talked my heart out to her. Melanie suggested a Weekend party. She was also bored with the regular hectic schedule of life. Its been really a long time since we went out together. Tomorrow we're all meeting at the Cafe Cara after work to plan out what exactly we will be doing next weekend....Yipeeee! The very thought of us all meeting together cheered me up. And Ron is also finally coming along with Bryan. We don't mind if Bryan wants to join us. Bryan is quite a no-fuss guy and very friendly too. Stay tuned to know about our plan. I'm sure Ron is going to come up with some really interesting ideas.

Happy Kiss Day, Ron. You'd better compensate for today's absence later. And all my buddies, enjoy Kiss Day to the fullest. Send this free Kiss cards to your love interest, see them loving it.
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