Friday, April 25, 2008

School Buddies - Old Memories

Since I found the "Friends" DVD set last Sunday in my old DVD treasure box, I am being haunted by school memories. While commuting every day to the office and back home, while taking breaks in between work, those memories seems to grip my mind. I go back to the days when Shirleen and me giggling at the sight of a new boy in class, and those days when we cheered Mike up while he played at the Thanksgiving Day game (he's such a football fanatic). Weekends were spent watching movies, listening to good live bands playing and then going on those looooong drives. I am so possessed by those memories. I had always been lucky in earning true friends. Friends that I have now( Ron, Dana, Melanie, Bryan) are precious and rare. They are mostly my college buddies and I know they will be there forever to hold my hand. But school friends are ones you grow up with, more like siblings. Together you go through the pangs of childhood, teenage and beyond. May be I am not in touch with them , right now. I feel, if I meet them tomorrow, out of the blue, I can start from where we parted. Six years of separation cannot ever rub off the sweet memories. I don't know if they(Shirleen,Mike and Sean) would have the same feeling, if they meet me. Right now we only mail each other once a month or in two. Jonathan and me are well in touch. We meet every four months. Either he comes down to meet me, or I go.
Send this friendship card to your friends and tell them to be there forever and dare not forget old buddies.

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