Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Weekend plans at Cafe Cara

Right after office hours were over, Melanie and I rushed to Cafe Cara. She drove as usual and I enjoyed Denver from inside the car. We were the first ones to reach. Dana came in after 5 minutes. Ron was late as usual and he came in with Bryan after 15 minutes. I was a bit excited to see Ron after 4 days. I miss him, even when I don't see him for one whole day. I saw Bryan after one whole year. He looked quite different than he did last time. Bryan seemed to stare at Melanie for quite some time, when I was introducing her to him. Bryan's a computer whiz up in Illinois and he is here in Florida for 7 more days.

After the initial introductions and apologies for being late were over, we moved onto business. I said "We've gathered here today to discuss the weekend plan". Melanie and Ron burst into laughter, listening to my stereotypical official-meeting-tone of speaking. They could make out I was pretty serious about having fun this Weekend.

Ron came up with an idea of partying on Saturday and a sleep over and lunch at my place on Sunday and then hang out at Sandollar's pub to catch some good live music too. It sounded good, but I expected something different. I mean, I cannot say no to Live music (I simply adore live music bands with a can of Budweiser). This weekend I wanted something more. Melanie suggested movies for Sunday. I wasn't very happy again. I wasn't sure what exactly I wanted, but my mind somehow looked for more ideas than that. Meanwhile I noticed Bryan, behaving funny. He is someone who is friendly and talkative, but he looked rather quiet and shy today. We called it a day without actually zeroing onto a definite plan, but by Friday I'm going to come up with something like a perfect blast.

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