Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Saturday Blast at St.Petersburg

Last Saturday at 9AM, we left for our weekend in St. Petersburg. Ron drove his Jeep Wrangler, while I sat beside him in the front seat. The rear seat was occupied by Bryan, Melanie and Dana. After about an hour drive, Dana started singing “Sweet Home Alabama” without tune or rhythm. All of us joined her. We went on singing until we realized we were at our destination. At the entrance of the Pier, I was reminded that Ron and I were there for our first Valentine's Day. I was sure that Ron didn't remember that.

We decided to go fishing and then after lunch, we would go spend some time at the Pier and then move to Baywalk to party. While fishing, Ron and Dana managed to catch something, but I was daydreaming. Suddenly, I realized that Melanie and Bryan were nowhere to be seen. Ron asked me not to bother, as they informed Ron that they were going for a stroll along the Pier Aquarium.

After a simple lunch at Captain Al's Waterfront Bar & Grill, we moved on to Baywalk. We went to Wet Willies. They had great Margaritas. Melanie stuck to Martinis, Dana to her Mojito Mojos and Ron and Bryan drank beer. The music was good, and my feet started tapping to the rhythm.

Melanie seemed quiet but she was smiling. I guess she was enjoying Bryan's company. It was evident that Bryan was totally smitten by Melanie. They looked like the perfect couple dancing together. Tomorrow I will let you know what happened on Sunday. Till then, enjoy the good times with your friends. Send these friendship cards to all your firends that you have fun partying with.

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