Monday, May 5, 2008

Love Discourse Between Friends

While Melanie drove back home with me from the cafe, I couldn't help but notice the expression on Melanie's face. The news of Bryan's interest in Melanie was still fresh in my mind and I had to catch Melanie's reaction to it. Melanie is quite an intelligent gal and Bryan's interest would not go unnoticed by her. I mean, if I could notice Bryan mesmerized by her, I am sure she too did.

I asked the question, how would she react if love knocked at her door? She answered just as I expected - if it's a person worth dating, she sure would date. But love is a far more difficult decision, as it might entangle her whole life. I replied that love is not a decision, love comes without any prior notice. One would not have the time to sit and decide his or her moves, when love comes. Melanie kept quiet. I, too kept quiet. She dropped me home. I am sure she went back home with lots of thoughts in her mind.

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