Friday, May 2, 2008

Love Blooms Through Friends

Wednesday after work, there was a surprise in store for me. Ron and Bryan were there, right after we closed, without any news. Ron is not a guy to plan surprises often. But the rare times he does remember to come up with sweet surprises, I feel like a queen. Anyway, Melanie was also with me when I met them. Bryan's face brightened the moment he saw us come out of the elevator. And his eyes were glued at Melanie. Hmmmm. I thought, I could decipher the reason behind Ron's surprise visit. I sensed it was not just a surprise. I could smell something fishy.

We went to a nearby cafe to grab a bite. At the cafe, Ron and I made an excuse to go out to smoke. When we got outside, it was then that Ron confessed that Bryan was interested in Melanie. Bryan was the one who requested Ron visit our office and arrange a meeting with Melanie. It sounded so exciting. I mean, a girl like Melanie and a guy like Bryan would make a great couple. The problem was that it would take time to match them up, though. Melanie doesn't allow someone in her life that easily. Once she does include someone in her life, it's for a lifetime. When we went back to our table, Melanie and Bryan looked quite engrossed in a conversation. Melanie looked as if she really enjoyed talking to Bryan. I was full of thoughts about what both were thinking about each other. Actually, Bryan's crush on Melanie was out of the blue and quite unexpected. I am quite thrilled to see the spark of something interesting going on. Both are looking forward to the weekend plans, but that is yet to be decided. Good for Bryan. He will have more chances to spend time with Melanie.

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